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Free ISP: NoCharge

Free ISP 3Use this comprehensive information to determine if NoCharge is the right free isp for you. Use the links provided for more info or to signup for NoCharge.

UPDATE: Many free users of report that they are no longer able to connect to the Internet through NoCharge, since support for the free access numbers in their area were discontinued by NoCharge. (As of 12/16/02, it appears that only free access numbers in the Seattle area still work.) This may be their way of pushing users to their paid ISP. For a good paid ISP, we recommend mFire or arcZip.

Free ISP: NoCharge
No ad banners
Limited Access Numbers
Important Links
No ad banners
High Speed Access
Verizon DSL from $12.99!
Web Mail
10 MB for a $10 Setup Fee
Usenet News Groups
Technical Support
NoCharge FAQs has an information line, 206-457-FREE, which explains how to set up your modem, enabling you to log on. The number is not toll-free and is just a recording.

Technical support is available for $10 per call through 1-900-INTERNET (Continental USA only). Technical support email: [email protected]
Contact Info
Mirage Marketing
P.O. Box 23055
Seattle, WA 98102

Email addresses:
 - [email protected]
 - [email protected]
Supported Operating Systems
They provide a standard PPP connection, so all operating systems are supported including Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, Macintosh, WebTV, Sega Dreamcast, Linux, etc. Software / online setup help is provided for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Macintosh, and Linux systems only.
Access Numbers
NoCharge Access Numbers
NoCharge Access Number Coverage
UPDATE - NoCharge announced that they created a new discount ISP called They say that they still plan to offer free service through NoCharge, but many users who try are no longer able to access the internet for free. Instead they receive the following message when they try to connect: "NoCharge is no loner able to provide free access in your area." (As of 12/16/02, reports indicate that only free access numbers in Seattle still work.) This may be their way of pushing free users to their paid ISP.

Since they do not have banner advertising and are available for all operating systems, NoCharge is a good free internet service provider if you live in one of the few areas where they have dialup access numbers. However, they are not the most reliable and many users have reported problems connecting lately.

With NoCharge, technical support is $10 per call. We have had reports of people being disconnected from tech support once they pay, without any resolution of their problem. Therefore, if you need support, it may be better to go through a discount isp such as arcZip or mFire that offers free technical support through a toll-free phone number.

NoCharge and Xoasis appear to be related companies. Although their services differ somewhat and their websites are very different, they share the same set of access numbers.

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Please tell us if any of this information has changed. Always read the information provided by the free ISP along with license and terms of service agreements before you sign up.


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