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Discount ISP: NetZero Platinum

Free ISP 3Use this comprehensive information to determine if NetZero Platinum is the right isp for you. Use the links provided for more info or to signup for NetZero Platinum.

Discount ISP: NetZero Platinum
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NetZero Platinum
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NetZero Customer Support
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NetZero Network Status
For questions and problems, send an e-mail to [email protected], and you'll receive a list of the most common questions NetZero members ask from their auto-response agent.

In the U.S., the support number is 1-900-454-5866. A fee of $1.95 per minute will be charged to your phone bill.
Contact Info
NetZero Contact Page
NetZero, Inc.
2555 Townsgate Road
Westlake Village, CA 91361-2650
Tel: 805-418-2020
Fax: 805-418-2075

Send feedback to: [email protected]
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Mac OS X
Access Numbers
NetZero Access Numbers
NetZero Access Number Coverage
NetZero Platinum is the paid premium service offered by NetZero, who started by offering free internet access. You can still sign up for NetZero Free Internet. Like most of the free internet providers, NetZero could not earn enough from advertising in order to continue to offer a high-quality free internet service. They still offer a free service, but it has many limitations such as very limited hours of use, intrusive advertising, and limited access numbers.) Therefore, they are now offering NetZero Platinum service as a paid service with less limited internet access.

NetZero Platinum fixes many of the limitations of the free service. For example, they offer more access numbers and the banner ad bar is replaced with a much smaller and less intrusive tool bar. Unfortunately, even with NetZero Platinum, you still have to pay if you need to call technical support. If you think you may need to call support at some point, it may be better to go through a discount isp such as arcZip or mFire that offers free technical support through a toll-free phone number.

In addition to NetZero Platinum, they also offer NetZero HiSpeed. NetZero HiSpeed 3G accelerates internet access up to 5X faster. Plus, it now includes a pop-up blocker.

Recently we have received a lot of email from people that had a really hard time getting through to NetZero Platinum in order to cancel their account. Unfortunately, it seems calling is the only way to cancel your account, so you may need to wait on hold for a very long time in order to cancel the subscription and avoid more charges.

One of the best things about NetZero Platinum is the price: it is only $9.95 per month.

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Please tell us if any of this information has changed. Always read the information provided by the ISP along with license and terms of service agreements before you sign up.


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