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Free ISP: KnoxNet

Free ISP 3Use this comprehensive information to determine if KnoxNet is the right free isp for you. Use the links provided for more info or to signup for KnoxNet.

Free ISP: KnoxNet
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Technical Support
KnoxNet Configuration Help
KnoxNet Help Page
The KnoxNet Volunteer Corps provides basic assistance to residents using KnoxNet. Call the KnoxNet Help Desk at (740) 392-3400 for assistance 6pm to 8pm Monday through Thursday. Leave a message if no one is available.

You can also ask your help question by email: [email protected]
Contact Info
About KnoxNet Page
The KnoxNet Internet access service is brought to you by the Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County.

Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County
201 N. Mulberry Street
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
Supported Operating Systems
They provide a standard PPP connection, so any operating system is supported in theory. They include setup instructions for Windows 95, which should work reasonably well with other Windows versions such as Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and NT. As with other PPP connections, you can use it with Macintosh or Linux systems as long you know how to install and setup dialer software. Most of the support volunteers at KnoxNet are only familiar with Windows systems.
Access Numbers
KnoxNet Access Numbers
KnoxNet Access Number Coverage
The services of KnoxNet are provided at free of charge, but you cannot sign up online. Applications for KnoxNet accounts may be filled out at the Public Library of Mount Vernon or at any of the branch libraries (in Danville, Gambier, or Fredericktown).

When applying for an account, identification is required as KnoxNet services are only free for residents of Knox County (and non-residents working full-time in the County) as well as others outside of Knox County who are served by the Public Library of Mount Vernon.

Internet speeds are limited to 33.6K, as that is the speed of their pool of 24 modems.

Please note the following information from the KnoxNet web site: "Please keep in mind that KnoxNet technical support is staffed by volunteers. Currently, volunteer help is very limited and it frequently can take days (to well over a week) to answer phone and email messages. Further, we generally do not have the ability to provide extensive technical support, we cannot guarantee resolution to all problems, and we absolutely cannot make housecalls."

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Please tell us if any of this information has changed. Always read the information provided by the free ISP along with license and terms of service agreements before you sign up.


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