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Low Cost DSL: AT&T High Speed Internet

Free ISP 3Sign up for DSL access from AT&T High Speed Internet and learn more about this fast broadband service. The brand is trusted and the pricing is really cheap, as you can read more about below.

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AT&T High Speed Internet
768Kbps - 6.0Mbps
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How to Cancel AT&T DSL
Technical Support
AT&T Help
Online Chat
Toll-Free Help: 1-877-722-3755 (High Speed Support) 1-866-722-3425 (Dialup Support)
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AT&T Contact Page
Access Numbers
AT&T Dial Access Number Coverage
Subscribe to AT&T High Speed Internet today and and enjoy fast DSL ISP access. Previously we had information about AT&T Dial on this page, yet as nearly everyone is moving to faster broadband Internet access it made sense to update this page as well. Since the ATT basic DSL plan is as low as $14.99 a month, it doesn't make sense for most people to go with dialup when this is so much faster and still cheap.

One of the best things about AT&T High Speed Internet is that you can choose a DSL access option to suit your needs and budget. There are the Basic, Express, Pro and Elite DSL plans. As you go up the access gets faster and faster—up to 100x faster than dialup. You also get more and more features on the higher end plans.

With all the DSL service plans you get 11 free email address included, and they each have virtually unlimited storage space. The days when a few digital pictures in the mail fills up your whole box are over! All plans also include virtually unlimited photo storage as well.

In addition, all the DSL services include an All-In-One Protection Suite that includes anti-virus protection, firewall software, SpamGuard, parental controls and a pop-up ad blocker. Plus they all include a dial-up account, which is really useful for getting Internet access when you are away from home.

In the higher end plans you also get free Wi-Fi service. This gives you free high speed Internet access at thousands of public locations across the USA. For example, many coffee shops like Starbucks, book stores like Barnes and Noble, restuarants like McDonald's, and airports provide wireless ISP services that you can access for free with your ATT Wi-Fi account.

Quality customer service is also included. In addition to the online support center and help info that covers most frequently asked questions, ATandT offers live tech support that you can reach via online chat or toll-free telephone.

There are plenty of pluses that this DSL provider gives: cheap prices, quality service, ample features and protection from spam, hackers and viruses. They also have special offers, so check them out today for a great deal in broadband.


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